Library 2.013: I’m Presenting | Library Intellect

In Writing on October 17, 2013 at 8:23 pm

This is my 2nd year to present! I’m excited!!!

Tomorrow Night is the 1st Night of the Library 2.013 Conference!!!

I will be presenting my research entitled:  “Library Intellect” — A unique approach to blogging while in graduate school.

Target Audience: Graduate Students, Faculty, Bloggers, Writers, Library Advocates, Information Professionals

*If you are interested in writing or blogging — make sure you attend this detailed conference session. You will not want to miss this event.

Full Session Description: 

The presentation (blog) was created to encourage current graduate students in Library Science & Information Technology Programs to blog about their own reality in academia, advocacy, current trends, organizations, and future professional endeavors.

The blogging guide features tips on how to create, maintain, host, and market a successful blog online. The guide is FREE to use, and please do share the information with others. The library intellect graduate student blogging guide will be available online tomorrow night to download!!!


Attend Conference Online 4.FREE!!!!

Time: 7 PM CST – 8 PM

Visit Conference Online:

Click on this link to enter conference:

View My Vita Here:


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