HUSTLE: 1st Year of Graduate School…

In 21st Century Libraries, African American Librarians, Art Library on December 5, 2012 at 10:31 pm

I decided to post a few of my favorite pictures that inspired me this semester to keep it moving and grinding. Let me know what you think of the pictures.

They definitely will make you chuckle.



This photo is dedicated to my hustle during the endless nights of creating a library database! It was a challenge, but I accomplished it!


I really love this image. It is soooooo cute! A friend sent this to me via Facebook earlier in the semester.


This is my favorite picture this semester. I found this image via the Google search engine. I sent it to a friend and he hooked it up for me. You see the message on the coffee cup, and notice that the sister has brown skin. I thought it was befitting and creative.


There is no explanation needed for this image. I just thought it made so much sense! 🙂

library fashion

If you follow me via Facebook and Twitter, you know that my personal hashtag is #sexylibrarian. I love what I do, where I am going, and the mysteriousness behind my profession. I keep it fly, sexy, and fashionable at all times.

the librarian

How many times do I have to say it… Black Librarians ROCK!


This picture reminds me of my dog, Roxy Blue Keeton. She will read one day, trust me. Ha!


This saying makes me feel so good and empowered about where I’m going with my life.

librarians for obama

Yes, I voted for the winner. I love this image –straight to the point!

reading cartoon I prefer books

This says it all!


  1. Love this! I will have to borrow the image of the tearful TV. Too cute.

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