Hip-Hop: I Used to Love Her

In African American History, Authors, Writing on April 30, 2012 at 9:55 pm


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I had to share this moment with you. This is the last day of National Poetry Month. I remember when I first began out as a poet in Fort Worth, Texas. I heard this female blast on the microphone at Tarrant County Community College. I never heard anyone spit so clear with meaning and feeling. I wanted to be just like her at the time. I then started going around the city and performing at open-mics and anywhere that anyone would listen to me.

I eventually would come in contact with National Best Selling Author, Camika Spencer. At the time she was selling her new novel out of her trunk. I met her at the Black Bookworm (local African American Bookstore–now closed) and I probed her brain. I got her phone number and called her on my lunch breaks. I confessed that I wanted to be just like her too. She told me that I would have to find my own voice, and that she could not give me any keys to success but to just go with my heart.

After that, I started writing like crazy, and listening and reading as much poetry as I could. I became a well-known poet in my hometown and then my name started traveling around the circuit of the tri-city (Fort Worth-Arlington-Dallas, Texas). I was given a major opportunity at the turn of the century.

I began hosting an open-mic entitled, After Hours, at the Arlington Museum of Art. I was the first African American poet/writer to ever host anything in the institution. I met a lot of people and had some great moments that I will never forget. I hosted the event for three years. The opportunities were endless after that in my life.

I wanted to perfect my game as a poet, and I decided to get a degree. I took it seriously and went for it!

The video of my last poetry performance before entering college is located up above. Click on it, to view, the poem entitled, Hip-Hop: I Used to Love Her.

I will never forget my journey. The pen got me where I am today!


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