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Sizzling Hot!

Last year, I was able to finally get around to starting my very own summer book club via Facebook. I was totally surprised by the amount of women who wanted to join. We started out with forty members and grew to over sixty member throughout the course of the summer. This year, I decided to change the name, take the book club off of Facebook, and have a real presence virtually. The new book club name is Cafe Blaque Summer Book Club. 

Cafe Blaque Summer Book Club is an online group of readers. A book list is compiled, members comment about the books we read, chat about interesting literary topics, and meet new people. The book club does not have a particular theme that we stick to. The literary group exposes readers to all different types of authors. There will be opportunities for members to chat live with authors during our online chat interviews. In addition, we will give out monthly prizes and Free e-books for members weekly.

*The moderator will add new member requests through June 1st 2012. The book club convenes for three months online in the summer. During the remainder of the year a book list is posted for literary enthusiasts.  The summer book list is now Available. Check it out below.


Cafe Blaque Summer Book List:

June 2012

*Streets of Fire, by Soledad Santiago

*The Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold

July 2012

*The Untelling, by Tayari Jones

*Don’t The Moon Look Lonesome, by Stanley Crouch

August 2012

*Riding The Dukes Train, by Mick Carlon

*Glaciers, by Alexis M. Smith

Bonus Books:

*In the Company of My Sisters: Black Women and Self-Esteem, by Julia A. Boyd

*As I Wrestled In The Wilderness, by Mellenee M. Miller

*Living Proof, by Kira Peikoff

If you are interested in joining the Cafe Blaque Summer Book Club, sign up today here:  Cafe Blaque Summer Book Club

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