Women’s History Month: 365

In Education, Film, History on March 4, 2012 at 10:16 pm

"Restless Soul"

As I started thinking about Women’s History Month, I decided to start off with a documentary. I am intrigued by the work of First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. I always knew that she was a champion for human rights and world peace. However, I did not know her personal story., has an excellent documentary on the First Lady entitled, “Eleanor Roosevelt:  Restless Soul.”

The film takes an intricate look at the First Lady, her upbringing, and marriage to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Eleanor’s mother was shocked when her daughter was born. It was known in her family that the young girl was not considered pretty, and her mother told her to mind her manners, since she lacked physical beauty. In like manner, the First Lady was born in to an elite society. She was very intelligent and was educated in the best schools.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s mother died when she was very young, and she was sent to live with her grandmother. She continued in her studies and became a part of the debutante society. The young woman became tired of the scene and began to venture off on her own, believing that there was more to life. As Eleanor matured through her new experiences, she met the handsome Franklin D. Roosevelt. They dated secretly for  months and eventually married.

The First Lady also faced rejection with her husband’s mother. However, things changed once Franklin D. Roosevelt showed her that he was devoted to his wife. They had several children and lived a modest life. Eleanor Roosevelt supported her husband in his efforts to become the President of the United States. Immediately, once in office,the President had numerous affairs with other women. Eleanor Roosevelt was devastated by the news, and ventured off again.

During that time, the First Lady found her passion for humanity through pain and self-discovery. Eleanor Roosevelt took on her husband’s agenda and her own and became a force to be reckoned with globally, despite personal shortcomings.


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