The Library: A Modern Technology

In Technology on October 3, 2011 at 6:26 pm

The Library

I read a chapter in an assigned text, Foundations of Library and Information Science (3rd Edition), about the percentage of library patrons who use Google as their resource for finding information online. According to the author, Richard E. Rubin, ” …among Internet users, 84 percent used a search engine like Google first, and only 1 percent went to a library Web site.”

As a writer, who majored in English-Creative Writing, I was trained to research. However, not to the extent that I am getting into in graduate school. I use (d) Google a lot. I am not going to tell any fibs. It is the most resourceful search engine online, and Google Scholar is not bad. However, I am ready to move up the ranks when it comes to searching for information through databases.

A friend asked me on Facebook if libraries would be relevant in the 21st century. I thought this was the perfect timing for me to conjure my argument for libraries.

I suggested to my friend though the internet is a source that you can quickly access, that still does not  constitute that everything you look for on Google, Bing, or Yahoo will be substantial information for a research paper. That led me discuss how the library is a modern technology where you can acquire information, learn the process of searching for information, and gain knowledge regarding databases.

In addition, library patrons are able to use computers, checkout books and multimedia materials, attend events/computer workshops, gain knowledge about being an entrepreneur in their small business stations, and access the internet through their wireless internet networks. All of these services are free by the way.

I decided to create a library survey as a result of the conversation and the reading that I did.  The survey is quick and to the point. I am interested in learning how many people frequent the library, rely on Google for information, and their opinions of librarians.

Help me out take:  The Library Survey.


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