The HistoryMakers: Enter The Classroom

In Digital Divide on September 22, 2011 at 6:09 pm

The HistoryMakers

I got a chance to interview Julianna Richardson, Executive Director/Founder, of the HistoryMakers this week. The organization is doing a wonderful job in education. I wanted to share the article with you. –kYm

The state of Texas in 2010, mandated that history books be rewritten and would reflect the conservative views of Republicans. Despite school districts, and states failing the black community specifically in education, there are numerous organizations taking on responsibilities of teaching black youth about their history. The HistoryMakers organization and 500 esteemed trailblazers will convene in classrooms this Friday to reinforce the importance of African American History.

The Founder/Executive Director, Julianna Richardson, of the HistoryMakers says, “We are sitting on a huge repository of African American history in the educational world.”

The HistoryMakers is the nation’s largest African American video oral history archive which consists of 2,000 videotaped histories of well known and unsung African Americans.

“The digital archive is free of charge to all public schools. Academic settings use [HistoryMakers] the website as a black encyclopedia,” Julianna Richardson says to

This year the HistoryMakers organization will step into classrooms on September 23rd, in numerous schools across the country and abroad. Their 2nd Annual Back to School initiative theme is: “COMMIT.”  This one day program is designed to bring renewed attention to the needs of the educational system and its students in 200 schools and 37 states.


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