Meet Regina M. Anderson

In African American Librarians on September 19, 2011 at 6:53 am

Regina M. Anderson

I began researching the field of African-American librarianship in the United States and found an article on Regina M. Anderson–online. She was a African-American librarian, playwright, and arts patron. Regina M. Anderson received her Masters of Librarian Science degree from Columbia University. Regina M. Anderson contributed to the profession by producing lecture, drama series, and arts exhibitions. In addition, she was one of the 1st African-American Librarians, out of three, to head the New York Public Library before 1950. Mrs. Anderson retired from the NYPL in 1967.

Regina M. Anderson had an pseudonym (Ursula Trelling), writing two plays under the moniker including, Climbing Jacob’s Ladder (1931), and Underground (1932). The librarian contributed to academia with a thesis, A Public Library Assists in Improving Race Relations. Regina M. Anderson was an arts patron during the Harlem Renaissance turning her home into a salon for artists, writers, and intellectuals. The writer also helped found the Krigwa Players (a theatre) with W. E. B Du Bois. Her professional advocacy also included working with the National Council of Women and the National Urban League.

Learn more about Regina M. Anderson


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